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Workplace Wellness
Community Programs

Increase your community group's emotional and relational resilience.

The Relationship Ready Academy's Soul Detox Community Program offers training programs that focus on the 4 pillars of the Emotional Intelligence

- Self Awareness
- Self Management
- Others Awareness
- Relationship Management

Could your community-based group benefit from increased emotional intelligence?

Construction Worker

Retain the services for your clients today.

Emotional Regulation is teachable and achievable at any age.

Work Place Wellness Community Options

Workplace Wellness Community Program
A virtual program that will guide participants through a 4-week curriculum that will uproot deeply rooted core beliefs that impact work performance and overall career success (includes community workshop curriculum).

Workplace Wellness Community Workshop
A 3-hour virtual or in-person workshop that focuses on understanding the brain's role in managing emotions and increasing the emotional intelligence pillar of self awareness to result in improved work performance.

What others are saying...

"This program has helped me in both my professional and personal relationships." 

"This program helped me find the right words to address some tough issues that had come up in my work group that I was hesitant to address."
Virtual Team Meeting

The Program Includes

  • Weekly Virtual Presentations

  • Web-Based Activities 

  • Real-Life Application Assignments

  • Interactive, Live Training

  • Q&A / Office Hours


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