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Get answers to your most pressing Soul Detox program questions here.


The Soul Detox 2.0 is an accelerated personal development program created to help single black women who are ready to heal from dating and relationship trauma. Learn more here.


As with anything related to healing, personal growth and development, you get out of it what you put into it. But from our experience offering variations of this program for over the past 7 years, we know for sure that if you invest the time, energy and effort, you will heal, break unproductive cycles and patterns, and grow personally and relationally...just as these ladies have.


  • STEP 1:  Complete the application

  • STEP 2: After review, you'll either be invited to register or recommended a different product or service.

  • STEP 3:  If invited into the program, you will choose your payment option. This secures your seat.

  • STEP 4:  Once paid, you will schedule a 1:1 onboarding session with your facilitator.

  • STEP 5: After that session, you will receive access to the 1st of 10 Soul Care sections. These sections will include powerful personal development activities, videos and instructions for you to complete. You and your cohort will meet weekly, virtually, with your facilitator to work through and process each week's session.  You will receive access to a new section each week when you complete the work and meeting of the previous week.


Approximately 4 hours weekly.  That includes 1 - 2 hours in completing the section assignments and 2 hours for the weekly Soul Care Group Session.  The program lasts 12 weeks.  Sis, thats 12 weeks, 4 equals to 48 hours....2 days.  Do you have 2 days to invest in YOU?


The goal is 12. Just intimate enough so that you're not lost in the crowd...but large enough to accommodate a variety of experiences and community. If you prefer a one-on-one experience, please shoot us a text here to inquire about the Soul Detox Elite.


About the same as the cost for weekly counseling per month. Multiple payment options are available. The program cost is $125 weekly, and depending on the payment option you choose, it could be less.


The reality is, this program isn't a good fit for everyone and we're okay with that. Check out this list and see if this is you (TRIGGER WARNING: Its a little bit shady).

  • You're not ready for change: Everyone is on a journey and if you're still enjoying your relationship & dating experiences, toxic as they may be, do you boo. Every woman reaches "enough is enough" and we'll be here when you do.

  • You feel you already have all the answers:  If you're the type who thinks you've already got things figured out, we support you in charting your own path.

  • You still want to benefit from your unhealthy patterns: whether the payoff is external (money, gifts, attention) or internal (feeling wanted/useful, affirmed or important), if you find that the benefit outweighs the cost of changing it, we're not here to convince you otherwise. But if you ever get fed up with perceived benefits of that toxic dating and relating, join us!

  • You aren't ready to confront your blindspots:  One of the main features of this program is seeing yourself in ways that you LIKELY haven't explored yet. If you don't have the courage and/or curiosity to do that, then this program will frustrate you...and we sincerely don't want that.

  • You have a TON of excuses for staying the same: Girl, ain't nobody got time for talking you out of the deception you've already convinced yourself is true.

  • You won't make time to put forth the effort this program requires:  Now before you close the laptop or phone, consider this hypothetical: If Oprah told you she had a gift for you but you had to get to her house in California within the next 24 hours to get, would you not shift some things around to AT MINIMUM go see what she's talkin' bout? Would you not change your schedule, gather the funds and get on the first plane, train or auto to Cali?  Why do you value Oprah's hypothetical promise to you over a promise of healing you CAN give yourself by making time for this program? So before you go saying "I'm too busy to do soul care." ask yourself the question, why am I not valuing myself enough to invest in me?

  • You're not a single, black, American woman seeking a relationship with a single, black, American man:  Our ultimate mission is to repair the love relationship between black men and black women. We've studied and researched that dynamic and we know how to stay in our lane. It would be unethical to serve those we've not properly prepared to.  That said, we want everyone to heal and we have a TON of resources and trusted referrals for everybody else.


If one or more of these is true, then The Soul Detox 2.0 is perfect for you. If you:


  • Are a single black woman 

  • Want to heal the trauma you've experienced from loving a black man

  • Want to release emotional exhaustion from past relationship and dating experiences

  • Want to be excited to find love again (or for the first time) and not afraid

  • Remove frustration with the process of being Ms. Right but still attracting Mr. Wrong  

  • Desire to "check back in" after having tried everything and it seems nothing works

  • Have entertained alternative dating/relationship lifestyles ...NOT because thats truly what you want, but because it seems that may be your only recourse

  • Don't want to minimize or diminish your standards, morals or values to keep/get a man

  • Want to ensure that your boundaries aren't barriers that are keeping you isolated

  • Busy yourself with work, church, school, travel, entrepreneurship, etc and neglected personal development in the area of dating and relationship trauma

  • Want to be optimistic and realistic about love but are not sure its even realistic anymore / at this point

  • Feel that the toxic men you've met may be a representative of all that is out there 

  • Want to trust yourself again after a series of missteps in dating/relationships in the past

  • Waiting on God...and want to know what to do while you wait

  • Want to dismantle the similar relationship patterns you've experienced of how people treat you in friendships, family relationships, etc

  • Want your love life to look a lot different than it does right now

  • Are on a personal growth journey ANYWAY and would love some guidance, accountability and help along the way

  • You want to become whole 

  • You want to make a trauma-free connection with a man you can trust, who shares your values and is ready to settle down and build a life together

If at least one of these is true, what are you waiting for?

For an Not For

Don't see the answer to your question? Text us directly.

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