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Have you been unable to figure out why you've been in the cycle of bad dates, traumatizing breakups, a cycle of bad prospects? Its much easier to see what others have done, their flaws and issues and let's be real, THEY DO HAVE ISSUES! However, we often have blind spots that are impacting our lives in multiple ways, not just in dating.  Take a look at these 7 things that are negatively impacting your forward movement.


Are you tired of feeling confused and frustrated about the dating process? Join this webinar to learn more about the different stages of dating and how to navigate them successfully. We'll provide you with practical tips and techniques to help you communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, and gain better clarity on where you are in your personal love journey. Sign up for this informative session and take the first step towards a more fulfilling dating experience.

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The Relationship Readiness Assessment is a 5-minute, comprehensive survey that evaluates an individual's emotional intelligence, communication skills, and personal values to determine their readiness for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.  Your results will help you better understand where you are doing great and areas of opportunity to grow.  And you'll receive the Guidebook in your email after completing the assessment to better understand your results. 

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