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Break the Cycle Book 1 of 3:
The Treasure Hunt

Single women seeking to uncover valuable information from their past will find this 1st book of the "Break the Cycle trilogy, "The Treasure Hunt" to be an invaluable resource.

With exercises and thought-provoking prompts, readers will embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden gems and treasures along the way. By reflecting on past experiences, women can gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and desires, allowing them to create a future that sparkles with purpose and fulfillment.

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Healthy Boundaries Training E-Book

Learn the difference between setting healthy boundaries vs creating unhealthy barriers.  Then take a candid look at your deeply held limitations to see if they are sabotaging or securing your progress toward love.


  • Learn the ways to identify what 'limits' of yours are actually barriers or boundaries

  • Learn methods to turn barriers into healthy boundaries.

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Heartbreak to Wholeness

Men can hurt an inexperienced "good girl" just like a toothache, hangnail, or stubbed toe. In this book, the author explores the ups and downs of a woman's escapades with men. From childhood through adulthood, dealing with men can be emotionally exhausting and painful. The author immersed herself in all things men to become fluent in the foreign language of manhood. After gaining a worm's eye view of the dating lives of 10 different men, she shares truths that every woman should know about men to help them become whole.

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