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Curious about Tracy's Public Speaking topics of expertise?  Check out her Speaker Sheet for specifics and to request that she speak at your corporate, church, social or community event. Available for both Virtual and In-Person events.

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Tracy Ready is a Marriage and Family Therapist turned Dating Coach helping Single people get #RelationshipReady on their journey toward "the one."  She's been featured on Sirius XM Radio, NBC and a variety of magazines, podcasts and blogs.


Tracy Ready has been doing this work since 2014 starting with the launch of her book, "Heartbreak to Wholeness" and later her Dating Coaching Programs.


To help establish healthier, happier, functional families through healthier, happier more productive dating.


Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

Holds certificates in Active Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Team Building and UX/UI

Tracy's Full Bio

Far more than a Dating Coach, Tracy Ready, is a Marriage and Family Therapist who equips single people on their journey toward "the one" by helping them get #RelationshipReady .  She is a Believer, Wife, Author and Speaker who has been featured on NBC, Sirius XM Urban View's Ask the Good Doctor, American Express Open Forum, KevOnStage's "Coming to the Stage", NoCompromise Magazine, Black and Married with Kids and Singles and the City and a variety of other blogs and podcasts

With a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and multiple certifications in Emotional Intelligence, she has developed a number of personality assessments and trainings that help singles begin to see what they do well as well as opportunities to grow. She offers powerful solutions through the Ready to Date Academy: the home of her life changing Soul Detox Program.  These programs disrupts self-sabotaging cycles and gives single women and men both long- and short-term tools to create healthier, happier, more fulfilling relationships.  She calls this process "Soul Care" - not to be confused with Therapy or Self-Care. Soul Care is at the heart of helps people get READY to have a healthy relationship.

"Many repeat the same cycles because they're trying to fix SOUL care issues with SELF care tools. She knows from both professional and personal experience that proper soul care will minimize heartbreak and help people make more predictable, satisfying relationship choices.

Her passion and calling for helping singles was birthed out of her own experience as a single, career-woman blindly navigating the murky dating pool...and all the mis-steps that came with that. Her first published book, Heartbreak to Wholeness recounts the Dating Experiment, which was the culmination of an intensive 3 month healing process that ultimately led her to meeting her husband

These 10+ years of experience and research have given her valuable insight that she passionately shares with anyone who is ready to hear it, hence the name Tracy Ready.

Tracy firmly believes: There is no shortage of good men and women. The only shortage is in our thinking and belief.  If you get relationship ready, you can live your relationship goals.

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