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Your Relationship can thrive...we can help.

Holding Hands

Couples Edition

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Personal Development... but together.

Couples will walk through the Soul Detox together to create, maintain or regain a healthy relationship.


What is the Soul Detox?

The Soul Detox is a virtual, relationship readiness program created to help each person get relationship ready through self exploration and personal growth.  The program starts with you growing individually and ends with you 2 growing together.

Who is the Soul Detox Couple Edition for?

For couples that want to create, maintain or regain a healthy relationship.

Create: If you're a new couple who wants work through conflict and establish practices like healthy communication, conflict resolution, or even deciding if the 2 of you have what it takes to go the distance, this is for you.

Maintain:  If  you're a couple who is doing well, this program will help you be proactive before conflict arises, this is for you.

Regain: If you're a couple who has decided to stay together after a breach of trust, major conflict, etc, this program will help you re-establish your relationship's foundation.

What can I expect?

For 12 weeks, you and your significant other will complete the program sessions and meet monthly as a group to discuss various aspects of the session with a facilitator.

What is covered in the curriculum?
Sessions cover 3 Modules.

​MODULE 1:  The Treasure Hunt 

In this module, its all about you!  We answer the questions like "How did things get this way?" "Why am I having these relationship issues?" or "How have I been showing up in my relationship?" Whew! Grab a shovel because we're about to dig up some stuff (treasure) to get answers! When this section is done, you'll be incredibly clear on exactly what barriers have been standing between you and your #RelationshipGoals.

(5 Sections)

​MODULE 2:  The Transformation

This module answers the questions: "How do I become a better, healthier version of myself?" or "How do I change things?" Put on your seatbelt! Its going to be a bumpy ride!! As the name suggests, this is where you're given the tools you need to transform your love life. Building on the discoveries from the 1st module, we deal with things like boundaries, limiting beliefs and forgiveness, integrity, establishing trust, etc...just to name a few. 

(4 Sections)

MODULE 3:  The Dating Experiment

This module will answer the question: "How do I apply my transformation tools to in my relationship?"  We get to have some fun with this one! This experiment that challenges you to put your new tools to the test collaboratively with your significant other...with lots of support and accountability along the way.

(3 Sections)

How do we sign up?

Click below and follow the registration steps. 

What if I'm not in a relationship? Can I sign up individually?

Yes! Click here.

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