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Take the                   of your life that leads to the            you want.



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Start your Soul Detox Love Journey Format today!

Would relationships be easier if you:

  • became more open 

  • let go of your fear of commitment

  • believed good men existed

  • set stronger boundaries

  • allowed yourself to be more emotionally vulnerable

  • didn't feel the need to downplay your intelligence

  • simply had the skills to navigate relationships better? 

The Love Journey is the solution for you!

Our Love Journey Self-Directed Program is designed to help you on your quest for a fulfilling relationship where you are:

supported  |  protected  |  respected  |  celebrated  |  loved

Other women have taken the Love Journey and here's their stories...


Overcome Heartbreak

Dr. Keisha was a new mom planning to marry her military fiancé...until she discovered he'd married someone else! She was devastated! She followed this framework and met and married the love of her life, Price.

Fix Your Picker

Korie thought she was destined to marry emotionally unhealthy men because that's all she'd ever known.  She followed the Relationship Readiness Framework and met her significant other, Tee within weeks!  They've been in a happy, supportive relationship for 2 years now.

Get out of your own way

I practice what I preach! Even me, the creator of this program, Tracy Ready, didn't even want to GET married because of tainted views I had of dating, marriage, etc.  I followed this framework and met my would be hubby within 30 days! 

Sometimes its just about getting in alignment with God's will for Him to deliver the blessing you've been waiting for!! Get aligned today sis!

Phase 1: The Treasure Hunt: Identifying the barriers that stand between you and love

Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with men, dating, and love OR are you simply at your wit's end about how to improve your dating experience? With the Treasure Hunt Coaching Booklet, you can navigate through this challenging phase of your journey and come out the other side with greater clarity and self-awareness. You'll find that any negative feelings about your love journey will start to dissipate.

Family of Origin
 - This is the first course of the program. Start this course today!!
The God Piece
Reflections and Goal Setting.

Phase 2: The Transformation: Becoming The Person You Need To Be to Receive The Love You Want to Have

Can you imagine approaching dating with confidence, anticipation and excitement?  By the time you finish The Transformation Coaching Booklet, you'll have all the practical and essential tools you need to be properly positioned to launch your net into the dating pool and attract some really great men, fix your "picker" and your "magnet", set healthier boundaries (not barriers), improved communication, fewer triggers, and so much more.

Limiting Beliefs
Re-Thinking Emotions


Phase 3: The Implementation: Taking Action Toward the Love You Want

By the end of The Implementation Coaching Booklet, you'll be saying, like so many other clients who complete this phase of the journey, "these were the best dates of my life!" You'll learn the strategy of actually applying the transformation to your dating journey.

The Dating Experiment - Preparation
The Dating Experiment Part 2 - First Dates
The Dating Experiment Part 3 - Dating For Keeps


Register for course #1 of the Love Journey today!

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Still wondering if this is for you? 


How will this program help me find love?
This program is designed to help you love you better and walk through the exact Relationship Readiness framework that has led to my clients meeting better quality men and in some cases, dating and marrying their husbands. This framework has a strong history of success.
Is this for me?
The Love Journey is for single women who want to remove any barriers that stand between them and the love they desire.  This often accelerates God's move in her love life. 

What types of issues will I explore?
The course covers personal development topics such as family of origin, boundaries, limiting beliefs, etc.  After the personal development phase of your love journey,  we will deep dive into dating strategy where you'll learn how to optimize your dating profile, date safely to be more likely to avoid scams and predators, date without heartbreak, cleanse your dating pool and while we can't guarantee a husband, you'll be in the best position to meet your husband.

What is included in my purchase today?
Click here to see what is included in your purchase of the first course of the Love Journey. Payment plans available. Get started for as little as $63 today (with approval)! 
Will I be receiving booklets in the mail?
No, there are no booklets apart of the course at this time.  All course material is virtual through Teachable.

How long does it take to complete the program?
We recommend allowing 30 days for each mini-course as there are thought provoking questions and activities delivered weekly that will challenge your patterns, thought processes and behaviors that are currently barriers between you and love. But it can be completed quicker in the Relationship Readiness Format.

What if I need to get help as I complete the program on my own?
You can add MotiBaetion Mentoring and join our monthly group coaching meetings.

If you desire love, what's the cost of doing nothing?

Only you can answer that.

One more question...


Register for course #1 of the Love Journey today!

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